Self Help Through Meditation

Through Meditation techniques, we connect to our inner selves. However, we also connect to our outer selves, the parts that connect to every other person, and, to the Divine, Chi, Prana, Allah, Shiva, God, Universal Consciousness, The Light …There are many names. Chose the one that best fits your mind set.

I use ‘The Light’ because it is non-denominational and because, in that moment of sudden inspiration and understanding, we are truly ‘Enlightened’ and filled with Light.

That is the gift I have learnt to give myself, with many stumbles along the way! However, I keep returning via meditation. I keep re-connecting. I keep forgiving myself for slipping, and I keep loving myself for remembering once again. In this way, I can truly feel connected to every other person, and being on the planet, and in Creation, in the Universe.

I would like to help others feel the joy of feeling connected too, connected to their inner selves, to their Higher Selves, and to all beings. For it is through this connection, and returning to it, that I have found the help I need to clear my negative emotions in the moment.

When I feel exhaustion, despair, anger, hatred, or jealousy, the one thing that truly rebalances me is re-connecting to the Light, through meditation. There are many forms of meditation. If you already practice, let us support you in that practice.  If you want to learn in the comfort of your home, or come to a group, then I teach Meditation Through Relaxation, with words and music, because it is one of the easiest forms to learn.

We sit on a chair, feet firmly planted on the ground, and listen to words, and music, to help relax the body. Then the mind is taken on a journey. Sometimes this journey is completely your own, but if you have trouble stilling your mind then the words and music, you listen to, help you release busy thoughts and give you something to guide you back into peace.For, if our hearts are peaceful, all things begin to seem possible and the helpful ideas we need often manifest during meditation. Even if they don’t, connecting your mind to your inner, and outer, peace often enables your day to flow more freely and your nights to be calm and peaceful.

At the end of the mediation journey, you are gently guided back into your physical self.