Keeping Independent

Support and Personal Care

You may want support to keep living in your own home and need someone to help with various tasks.  This may include helping you with medication, having a bath, shopping and cooking as well as keeping the house and garden tidy.

We are happy to visit you in your home and identify what help you may need. It may be helpful to write a care plan, see how Social Services and the NHS can help and what financial help is available.

A member of the team is happy to write covering letters, fill in forms, and liaise on your behalf.

You may like someone to accompany you to the doctors or help you with a hospital visit. We offer a house sitting service while people are in hospital and look after their pets for them.

Please let us know your concerns and we can see how best to help.

Walking Towards Health

Do you need:

  • to increase your exercise but need support when walking?
  • some company out and about?
  • a guide for shorter walks looking at local history, or trees and plants?
  • accompanying you on a group walk?

As part of the service, we will write a risk assessment with you and take time to to discuss your needs.

Day Trips

Do you ever think of somewhere you’d like to go? Why not see if we can make it happen?

We offer a personal service allowing you to get out and enjoy the day.

This includes

  • advice, discussion and planning what may be possible
  • help with transport and estimating costs
  • companionship during the day

Having a companion and support may give you confidence to do things you no longer thought possible.

Some Ideas are:

  • Visit  a friend or relative – catch up with news and enjoy time together
  • Go to the market
  • Haworth by car or by bus
  • Blackpool or Harrogate by train 


Hebden Care will help to organise overnight stays away from home or short holidays so that you can have a good break. This can include help with preparations, such as packing and booking your holiday. We will travel with you and help you during your break.  We are happy to discuss what you may require and if it is possible.

Two possibilities we have researched are:

  • Have a weekend at The Grand Hotel in Scarborough, travelling by rail. This hotel offers specially adapted rooms to help people with mobility problems at a reasonable price.
  • Choose a cottage in a favourite location.

Please let us know your ideas, we will let you know if we can help and get back to you. please discuss your ideas through our contact page.