Welcome to the Hebden Care website.

We support people with care needs to have a more fulfilling life by helping them get out and about, or through various creative activities.

Our aim is to encourage independence and freedom.

Our service offers:

We are available for either long-term commitments or single appointments.

Our service is locally based in the Hebden Bridge area. This allows us to offer a more personal and flexible service minimising costs.  All of us are freelance so there are no agency overheads.

Care needs may be long term such as chronic illness, disability and age-related or for more short- term needs like convalescence.

We are professional and committed to our work.  We are happy to write you a care plan, provide you with our Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificates, show you our qualifications and  insurance polices for the services we provide.

We hope you find this of interest and that it encourages you to see if we can help you.

Please contact us via the contact page.