Self Help Through Alignment


Alignment is the bringing back together of all of our disparate selves. So often, we rush from thought to action, with words flying out of ourselves, before we have had a chance to truly contemplate how our lifestyles are affecting both our health, and that of the others around us.


Alignment is a tool to help us take a moment to bring our different parts back together so we can think, speak, and act, from our integrated, whole self.


It can be done as an emergency measure, when we realise that we have been unbalanced by someone’s words, or actions, or by something that’s happened. However, alignment can also be done as a regular practice, so that we cleanse, renew, and protect ourselves on a regular basis.


Colours are used, both to help the visualisation process, and because colour is a form of light, and light is vibration. Gentle vibration has a balancing and healing effect.


  1. Alignment starts with a cleansing.

Visualise/ feel/ think of a light blue, from the colour of the sky down to the palest blue you feel comfortable with.

Ask/feel/visualise for that light blue to flow from head to feet and from shoulders to fingers and thumbs, washing all your negativity into the earth, where it can be transmuted into positive energies again. Thank the blue light, and the earth, for helping cleanse you.


  1. Replenishing your Energies

Ask/feel/visualise emerald light, the colour of the leaves filled with sunlight, to flow through you, again, from head to toes, and shoulders to fingers and thumbs. Feel every cell of your body glowing with health and vitality – even if that’s hard, if you ask for that to happen, it will.


  1. Sealing and Protecting Yourself

Finally, having revitalised yourself, you need tp protect your re-balanced energies. So ask for/ feel/visualise a dark, sapphire blue bubble, surrounding you at arm’s length-distance all around the body.

Say to yourself that you are

  •  Sealed and Protected,
  •  Centred and Aligned
  • Holding the Peace and Positive Energies inside the bubble of sapphire blue


How Long Does an Alignment take?

  • Alignment can take as long as you choose to really feel the beauty of each colour passing through you.
  • Or, it can be as quick as asking/feeling/visualising:

Sky blue,         emerald green,           dark blue bubble

  • In an emergency, you can even just ask “Align me, please!”
  • Done regularly, it cleanses, renews, and protects you as many times as you are able to remember to do it.
  • Begin by doing it once a day – often first thing in the morning, or last thing at night are easiest to remember
  • When that practice is firm, try doing it twice a day.
  • Later, consider doing it also, before you leave the house, when you arrive somewhere, and when you return home. This aligns you for the change of environment and cleanses any negativity you have collected along the way.
  • You can also practice aligning as you walk down the street, or if you see someone you want to protect yourself from, or are in a meeting where you feel attacked.
  • You can align at any time, any place, and as often as you remember. There is NO LIMIT to how many times a day you do it.
  • It is a POWERFUL TOOL for balancing and improving your life AND IT IS FREE!!!
  • All you need to do is remember!!!
  • And the best way to do that is to PAUSE and TAKE A DEEP BREATH before you change from one place, or activity, to another or if you realise you are feeling wobbled or unsettled,