Touch-of-Light Massage

Touch-of-Light Massage enables the body to open the areas of the body that are blocked and painful, whether physical, mental, emotional, or, indeed even, spiritual.

It is a system of whole-body massage which encourages flow so that the blood, the lymph, the energies, and all flow systems of the body are encouraged to flow better, thus improving the body’s own self-healing systems.

The areas of the back of the body that can be worked (depending on client preference) include:

  •  The back and sides
  •  The neck and shoulders,
  •  The lower back and buttocks
  •  The arms and legs

The areas of the front that can be worked (depending on client preference) include:

  •  The upper chest, shoulders and neck
  •  The stomach and abdomen
  •  The arms and legs
  •  The face and head

Touch is healing and comforting, but only if it is given and received with mutual respect and understanding. Many of us have had our natural boundaries breached through hurtful comments, teasing, bullying, harassment or abuse.

Touch-of-Light Massage is a wonderful way to have our natural boundaries, and our personal control, re-embodied through step-by-step negotiation between client and therapist about which areas are safe to touch and how much pressure to be use.

The body can be helped to heal on many levels – the physical, the emotional, the mental , and the spiritual, whichever is appropriate to the individual client.

Sessions last from 1-2 hours.