Light Touches Holistic Reflexology

Reflexology is gentle massage of the foot reflexes. These are areas of the feet that connect to specific areas of the body.

What is Holistic Reflexology?

Holistic Reflexology works on both the physical body and the Human Energy Field or Aura (see below). The touch is light and firm and healing creams, from the Sunflower Apothecary are used on the feet. Gem Remedies, and Gem Healers also from the Sunflower Apothecary, & Bach Flower remedies can be incorporated into the aftercare. Clients are helped to become self aware and to take greater responsibility for their own healing.

Human Energy Field/Aura

In the same way that the earth has a magnetic energy field surrounding it, the human body has its own energy field. This is sometimes called the ’Aura’. There are many layers but the most relevant to life on earth are the 4 closest to the body. These, moving out from the body, are the physical, the emotional, the mental & the spiritual.

Many people live their lives mainly in the physical, emotional or mental layers and we have forgotten the value of being connected to our spiritual layer. Just as we need physical food, emotional contact & mental stimulation to feel fulfilled, we need contact with the spiritual layer to become fully nourished, and complete, as human beings. For it is here, in the spiritual layer, that we hold our patterns of illness, and it is through our connection to the spiritual layer that we begin to clear those patterns.

How Patterns of Negative Behaviour and Illness Manifest

We are sent many opportunities, during our lives, to change our negative patterns. If we fail to take advantage of these opportunities, the pattern of illness moves closer to the body, and more fully into our consciousness, to remind us to deal with them.

For instance, if we have a pattern of difficulty communicating with new people, we will meet lots of strangers in our lives. If we fail to learn how to communicate well from these encounters the pattern moves from out of our spiritual layer. As the pattern moves into the mental layer, we begin to worry about meeting strangers.

If we do not face our worries here, then the pattern moves into the emotional layer and those worries manifest as fear patterns. Perhaps we cannot enter a room full of new people. If we do not, now, cure ourselves of the fear, then the pattern moves into our physical layer and that fear may turn into physical palpitations around strangers.


If we still do nothing to clear the pattern we finally bring it into our physical bodies, for instance, by having an accident because of a group of strangers. Lying in bed, perhaps we finally give ourselves the time to face our fear. If we don’t, the injury can become more serious, or we develop an illness, or even die.

Facing our fears can be eased through Holistic Reflexology so that we clear the negative patterns in our lives.

The Benefits of Holistic ReflexologyRegular reflexology, over a period of time, can bring the following benefits:

Ø Release negative thoughts, feelings & patterns of behaviour

Ø Restore sleep patterns and bring a better quality of sleep

Ø Alleviate physical pain and a variety of other symptoØ Strengthen the immune system.

Ø Bring calmness to panic and stress

Bring positive thoughts and feeling including  self-confidence and certainty.

Build greater self-awareness, awareness of your own needs and the strength to uphold them

Where Do Holistic Reflexology Sessions Occur?

Sessions take place in the Therapy Room at 7 Windsor View, Hebden Bridge.


There is a step up into the garden, which can be ramped, and another small step at the front door. The therapy room is on the ground floor. However, toilet facilities are on the first floor

A Typical Session

In the first session, a short history will be taken and contra-indications checked for.

Then, and in following sessions, the client has time to discuss issues that are affecting their lives, both positively and negatively. Whatever a client brings to the session, even if not talked about, will be present in their Energy Field and will be worked on intuitively during the reflexology treatment.

The client remains fully clothed, only removing shoes and socks, or tights. Clients usually lie flat on the therapy couch, but the end can be raised to aid comfort if needed. A light blanket covers the client in case their body temperature changes as the body releases toxins during the session.

The client can choose whether to listen to music during the session. First they are talked down through their body to relax their muscles and then talked back up to the crown of the head so they enter a place of peace. At any time the client can stop the session and ask for a change in touch pressure, music level etc.

Once relaxed, the feet are first worked on together, then the left foot is wrapped and the right is worked on individually. Then the right foot is wrapped and the left is worked on. Finally both are worked on together to bring the client back into alignment and then the client is talked gently back into awareness.

At the end of the session there is a short time to discuss anything the client experienced during the session, payment is taken and a further session booked, if the client so requires.